Facebook payments: The dawn of a new era for Zuckerberg

Facebook payments: The dawn of a new era for Zuckerberg

We all know Paypal, the ubiquitous third party online payment processor from the ever famous auction site, Ebay.com.

Now Facebook is offering online payments among friends through their messenger system. This is a direct competition against Paypal, Ebay and even Amazon.com. For what it’s worth, the initial offer might be free of charge, but then as the reality of profit start to roll in, Facebook may charge a percentage for their service. Not to say I’m jumping the gun here, but this is the history of the so called free service department in all of the famous websites which offer free offerings such as Youtube.com (via ads).

zuckerberg facebook payments
Zuckerberg facebook payments

So how do we benefit from this development? Charge ahead for the new system and save pennies for the future transaction to take place? I bet everybody will be an instant entrepreneur now. Just have some friends, a debit card and a couple of products or stuff for selling, and you’re a businessman. I bet Zuckerberg will start hosting a few top-notch seminars on how to become a millionaire through Facebook and folks, this is a dawn of a new era. Not only for Zuckerberg, but for you and me. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$